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Mangrove Management Bill 

This was another of the relatively important matters placed on the 31 January Agenda.

There is absolutely no doubt about where our Council stands on the matter regardless of the caution urged by environmentalists, including Professor Maxwell as reported in my 29 January post.

I don't intend to incur the wrath of those who are advocating for the legislation in order to enable Council to designate areas that may be cleared of what they regard as an incorrigible 'weed.' There is little chance of altering their thinking, or course of action, already widely supported by the majority of our Council, and more importantly, our Mayor.

All that I can say is that at least we in Thames should have the option of retaining the entire mangrove eco-system that we recognise as important to our coastal protection the health of the Gulf. We need to ensure that those who we elect locally recognise this need, and take steps to implement those protections rather than get sucked into the dominant mindset.

Whangamata will undoubtedly institute measures to ensure that their views and recreation facilities are protected, and if that involves the removal of mangrove, so be it. That would appear to suit the ambiance of the place, while creating a risk that the remainder of the District should not be required to share. The sight of the blackened mess at low tide where illiegal removal has already taken place should give pause, but that is unlikely.   




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TCDC have gone to extraordinary lengths to prevent Forest and Bird getting access to relevant information under the Official Information Act relating to the Bill on mangroves. They are putting the taxpayers and our Parliament to huge expense with this ludicrous Bill, yet they have the gall to ask for over $600 for a genuine official information request -

February 15, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterDenis Tegg

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