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Maori Interests

The three other papers on import all relate to various ori interests that are long-standing - apart from one on Maori contributiuon to Council decision making.All three are Scott Summerfield papers.

The Contribution paper is designed to reflect the requirements of the LGA 2002, and should be non-contentious in this day and age, and incorporates the following Policy Statement that I guess was adopted in full on 31 January.

The Council intends to undertake the following steps, to foster the development of Māori capacity to contribute to its decision making processes:

1. the Council will compile a database of those who wish to be considered Māori for the purposes of the Local Government Act 2002. The Council will maintain a process to ensure this database is current and up to date.

2. those who have identified themselves as Māori will be specifically targeted for consultation when the Council decides that it wishes to consult. Where specific legislation requires specific consultation with Māori or Tangata Whenua, then the requirements of that specific legislation will override this step.

3. the Council will identify key issues of particular interest to Māori.

4. the Council will gather information on Māori perspectives about Council activities.

5. the Council will consciously build on the good quality relationships that have already been established.


Implementation of this policy will be undertaken by completion of the steps outlined above at the direction of the Mayor for governance decisions and by Chief Executive for operational decisions.

  Measurement and review
This policy will be reviewed by Counci before adoption of the 2021-2031 Long Term Plan


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