Rates Remission Policies
Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 12:01PM
Bill Barclay

These relate both to standard Remission Policies, and Postponement and Remission of rates on Maori Owned Land.

These have been in existence since 2003, with regular reviews since as required under the LGA. They need reviewing at this point for the 2018/28 LTP.

In both cases, the Policy operates:

"to alleviate hardship for individual ratepayers in the District who may struggle to pay their rates, while ensuring that the potential revenue is not lost entirely by creating statutory land charges on property to recover the postponed value of rates once the property is sold."

The policy operates to eliminate risk to the Council as far as possible, and incorporates the procedures and interest rates, and charges applicable. The Judicial Committee overseas the onerous conditions set down in the Policy regarding the circumstances of the applicant. Security is of course paramount.

Separate, but similar conditions apply in the Maori Rate Postponement Policy - mainly related to the effects of multiple ownership. Remission is available where the land is unable to be used for any economic pursuit, and from which no income is derived. Other conditions apply.

All in all, the combined policies are non-controversial just as long as officials exercise judicious control over their administration, and as long as Council maintains due diligence over the total liability carried forward from year to year, which appears to be the case.




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