Targeted Roading Rates
Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 12:45PM
Bill Barclay

The paper on Targetted Roading Rates contains am extremely good explanation of the 1877 Ngaiti Maru Agreement that enabled the road from Thames to Paeroa to be built, and a justification for the setting new targeted roading rates to take this Agreement into account, and thus exempting qualifying Ngati Maru who benefit from the 'in-perpetuity' provisions of the Agreement from the upcoming date of the Hauraki Settlement.'

I commend Scott Summerfield's paper on the subject -0 it is the best summary that I have seen to date. The justification for the change is based on the difficulty of exempting portions of the general rate and/or portions of a targeted rate, Council has been advised to new targeted roading rates to be set as part of the 2018/2028 LTP for each community board area, and thus enable exemptions for Ngati Maru landowners. .

We will all (excepting Ngati Maru) end up paying more.

I suggest you visit the Updated Ngati Maru Land Map here. I bet you were not aware of the full extent of this ownership, or the amount said to be 'under investigation.' But on the other hand, take good note of the area identified as Maori Freehold Land Blocks - presumably owned or climed by those registered as, or claiming to be Ngati Maru. This map requires a great deal of further explanation I suspect - it is not all clear.




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