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Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 11:05AM
Bill Barclay

I had a timely reply this morning from Laurna White regarding the costs incurred to date in the remediation of contract defects at what is to be now known as the Jack McLean Gym at the High School, and which will be opened at 10am on Friday.

Here is Laurn's reply: 

I guess that this information would have been released in due course, but it should not have had to be chased in this manner.

Laurna has indicated that I would have to approach Mary Hamilton's Sport & Educatioin Trust direct to obtain information regarding its minutes. Well rubarb to that! She assures me that it played no role in the oversight of the remediation, but I remain curious as to the final result of its fundraising effort, and whether or not it achieved its target.

Whatever is the case, we as rate-payers stand to be 'dudded' once more on this contentious project. Let that not be forgotten as we head into the opening festivities.




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