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This is basically what we have to look forward early next week as put out by the Met. Service earlier today:

"It's got that much further to go before it gets here. At this stage, essentially we're just saying, yes it's coming to New Zealand, most likely looking like Tuesday, and most likely looking like it will cross the North Island or central New Zealand," says Ms Murray. "There is definitely going to be severe gales at some point around New Zealand. There will definitely be heavy rainfall as well."

The high tides for Thames on the West Coast are due:

Monday 19 February - 10:37 - 3.9m, and 22:53 - 3.9m

Tuesday 20 February - 11:17 - 3.9,  and 23:34 - 3.9m

These are relatively high tides, and all residents should watch for the gale conditions as occurred on 4/5 January, but with far higher precipitation - that may cause problems around creeks and streams at high tides. Caution is called for!



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