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1080 Vs. Botulinum in Kokumman Case

Following on my earlier 12 February post reflecting on the unlikelihood of 1080 being removed from the DoC arsenal, Geoffrey Robinson has passed on several items of correspondence, one of which I regard as from a highly qualified and credible source that I intend to republish here in the interests of open debate, and because of my continuing respect for the position taken by Geoffrey and Reihana.

I am personally unmoved by this information, but that does not gainsay the need for full access to all the evidence relating to the continued adherence to 1080 as the primary tool for controlling pests in this country:

This is the letter from Prof. Ian Shaw from the School of Physical and Chemical Science at the University of Canterbury in regard to the devastating illness suffered by the Kochumman family of Te Kuiti. I refrain from comment - the letter stands on its own merit:

(Regrettably, I cannot copy the letter which is embedded in other email correspondence. If someone can forward it to me a easily transferable form - please place it in the Comment area, and I will move it to this position.) 

I will otherwise work on getting it up as soon a possible.




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