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New Regional Theatre for Hamilton

Council will consider on Tuesday a paper from Governance and Strategy Manager Angela Jane regarding a request from the WRC to contrbute to the new theatre being proposed for Hamilton. This is to replace the now condemmed Founders Theatre, and the Momentum Waikato Comminty Foundation has requested $5m from WRC as its share towards the overall cost of $73m.

The WRC has wisely constructed a proposed contribution schedule for its member councils that is far more fairly reflective of relative value than was the case for the Cambridge Velodrome. In this case Waikato DC, Matamata and Waipa are hit up for $5.54 per rating unit for capital costs, while Hauraki and TCDC are gently incorporated at $.50 a unit for capital, and $.43 for ongoing costs - $.93 all up in Year 3. 

I don't think that will break anyone, and although many may regard the charge as another step on the road to purgatory (why should we? etc etc.), I think that Angela's Paper provides sufficient justification for our involvement at this level given the numbers who travel to Hamilton on a regular basis for all manner of activity.

No doubt many will oppose it, but I think it should get up on Tuesday.




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