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Coromandel Marina

This proposal has now dragged itself into the sixth year since first mooted by Leach's Economic Develolpment Committee. It remains a chimera of course, but a very expensive chimera for Council. Here is the latest release on the subject.

While there are plenty of boat owners who would be only too happy to see our Council spend our money on this expensive facility, and related dredging of Coromandel Harbour, there are not many with their hand up to actually build and operate the facility - three at last count - two with a dredging option, and one with a long jetty and associated marina.

But here is the crunch - it is in the penultimate paragraph of the release:

"Other considerations will include impact on the environment, operational sustainability and what degree of Council funding and support could be required."

It is of course outrageous that they should be even contemplating spending rate-derived income on such a facility - there is no justification whatsoever.

I hope that when Council's intentions become widely known that there are strong protests, sufficient to shut down the crazy concept designed to benefit one small privileged section of the population. There may be some  justification for Auckland to spend its money on facilities for the Americas Cup - the business case will surely show a healthy net return, but there is no such possibility at Coromandel despite the undoubted claims that will be put forward about tourism and boat repair facilities.

It is just nonsense to claim that the millions needed to build a marina need to come in any proportion from rate-payers when such was not required at any of the East Coast facilities other than through regulatory costs, and foregone development contributions - particularly at Whitianga.

If the proposed Coromandel development cannot sustain a business case that does not require contributions from our Council - a socialist solution if ever there was one, and one that will be squeezed to the last dollar by any smart developer, then that should signal its rapid demise.




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