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Council Meeting Tuesday 3 April

Hauraki Rail Trail Charitable Trust

Coleen Litchfield – the Council Economic  Development Programme Manager presented a report to Council in this manner

This is a staggering display of arrogance in terms of advising the rate-payers who have been required to fund this debacle to date of just how their rates are to be applied over the next three years to keep the thing afloat.

I am not suggesting that it is not currently being managed efficiently and effectively, but if this is the extent of the information that is to be supplied in this regard, I feel much less inclined to support it.

Staff often suggest that the essential details will be presented at the meeting - an abbrogation of the requirements of the Meetings Act, I would suggest. There are several examples on this agenda.

But this is the worst example I have seen to date of staff simply ignoring the public.

Majot Events

There is only one applicant to date:

The Wahoriora Spirited Women - funding of $15,000 to be approved - Here is its story.

Now, I am all for Spirited Women, and they do seem to bring in a lot of dosh, including ours, but are these gender based events appropriate at this time using hard-earned rate-payer derived funds of this magnitude. I can imagine the outcry should a 'mens'' event be organised in this manner using our rates.

Just sayin!

Nothing else of much interest on the agenda - The CEO Report is his usual graphic depiction of the state of the Council finances, and needs little explanation, other than patience working through it

Take a look at it, and see what you think. I would have thought that there were a few other matters on which he could provide a verbal explanation, but his habit seems to be to keep information at a low, low level - that way you avoid controversy. You just have to hope that all is well on all the other fronts! I have no reason to believe otherwise.




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