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Jacinda's Dilemma

I generally tread very carefully before venturing into national politics, and cannot deny having come down strongly on the side of the Adern band-waggon prior to the recent election, now five months in arrears.

It was perfectly obvious at the time that were Labour able to put together a coalition with NZ First and the Greens that there would be trouble ahead, and that Jacinda would need to display the wisdom of Job to get through.

The belated announcement of her pregnancy sent a shiver up my spine that I reflected in postings at the time regarding the potential for chaos as Winston took over the reign during the critical maternity leave period, and imposed his idiosyncratic style on Cabinet, and government in general.

I have had no reason to change my view of that likelihood, enhanced now by his support for Shane Jones ‘s heavy-handed lambasting of Air New Zealand using the rationale of being the ‘protector’ of regional development through his wide-ranging portfolio. He may be a lawyer, but he appeared lacking in knowledge as to directors' responsibility to all shareholders as defined by the Companies Act - not that this excuses their boof-headed response that simply enhanced Shane's standing in the provinces.

Jacinda’s widely publicised miss-steps over the last few weeks, with repeated failures to deal decisively with the hubris of her inexperienced, and often naïve ministers has been instructive, and confirms my original fear of what lies ahead.

But it was Winstn's NZ First list members, both ministers and back-benchers who have been responsible for at least half of the embarrassments, including Winston himself (twice), Mark's heli-taxi service, Marcroft's threat, and Jones attack on Air NZ. The Greens' have weighed in with Julia-Anne Genter's attack on "elderly white men" on company boards, their strange 'throwing' of their questions quota to the Nats.

Jacinda’s own naivety was demonstrated with her support of the Greenpeace oil & gas demonstration on the steps of Parliament, weakness over Shane Jones, and failure to dismiss Claire Curran – a loose cannon who will cause a great deal more grief before she is finished with the implementation of her Great Socialist Communications Plan.

Now her decision to involve herself with the nurses’ pay dispute will inevitably lead to similar involvement with teachers and other state employee disputes – a grave and unprecedented mistake given the Government's fiscal position following furfillment of the already promised handouts in the May budget.

I trust that Jacinda has the mental fortitude to deal with the inevitable stress that she must be feeling as she faces confinement – I wish her well.   




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Reader Comments (3)

Bill, you don't wish her well at all, your blue stripes are evident everytime you post on the politics of our dear country. It is a pity you only apply standards to those currently in government, no mention over the last 9 years of prime ministers having secret meetings with Sky city gambling society, using SIS info to smear opposition party leaders, covering up the killing of civilians in Afghanistan and news this week the last minister of one Chris Finlayson perverted the course of justice and we had to pay 90k to Kim Dotcom.
you probably believe like many that half of the crap on MSM by the likes of Hooten and Hosking is fact when in reality the opposite is true. And by the way do you know what a false flag is and here is a question for you. Can you remember the last time the warmongers of the west focussed on that threat to world peace WMD and then may be you can summarize for us how that turned out.

March 29, 2018 | Unregistered Commenteraircolledguy

Boy, that is quite a rant. I think I will pass up on the opportunity to engage with you - rather, simply let your comment stand on its own merits, or lack thereof!

March 30, 2018 | Registered CommenterBill Barclay

issues standing on there own merits is what we all seek.

I would certainly praise those who deal with the issues on the basis of importance, unfortunately there are many in the media who do no such thing.

For example much is being made of a meeting a current minister had with and employee of RNZ all through MSM and still going on.
The previous government had a PM who actually lied to NZ about a meeting with Ian Fletcher (have not seen him for years ) who was subsequently appointed as one of NZ's top public servants.

Ask yourself or maybe check the public record about how indignation there was about this lying which was by the way one of many. I certainly don't recall Mike Hosking ranting about it yet it seems to me that on their merits one of these meeting is so much more important than the other. And the PM deliberately misleading the country come on

Then again of course the natzs have such a strong line-up what with Pulla Bennefit one the top people just goes to show that ones past is no barrier to achievement.

April 3, 2018 | Unregistered Commenteraircolledguy

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