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Aquaculture - The Other Story

If you have ever wondered just why the Marlborough salmon farming industry has suddenly found it necessary to pressure the Department of Primary Industry, successfully, to allow them to begin shifting  their farms to the outer sounds, just read this story that appeared recently in a 'healthy living' magazine that is admittedly no friend of the industry.

The story relates to a documentary produced by one Nicolas Daniel on the farmed fish industry - principally in the Baltic Sea, and Norway in particular - that paragon of virtue so often quoted to us as having standards in ever level of life to which we should all aspire.

I will not go further into the article - read it, and form you own view on the matter. But I will say that the whole idea of our council continuing to promote the farming of Kingfish, and other species in the Gulf is beyond foolish - it is sheer madness, and will inevitably result in irredeemable environmental damage.

They must be stopped, one way or another from pursuing this crazy course of action with advisors who appear totally devoid of any understanding of the dangers. Fortunately the level of interest by local and foreign farm operators in responding to the 'opportunity' afforded them by the widely distributed tender documents appears minimal. Long may it remain so, but we must remain eternally vigilant to ensure that none of them get a foothold in, or adjacent to the Gulf.




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