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Hauraki Gulf Forum (And Other Matters!)

Mayor Sandra has replied to my query related to my post dated 2 March

Here is her response:

"One key point is that the Forum has not adopted Seachange.

Many of us want to focus on the Strategic Issues Action Plan as prescribed by the legislation and continue to do the work addressing the issues, and making incremental change for the better.

It might surprise you to know that there has been good news but the good news gets buried among the many concerns that continue to need a great deal more work.

There is also a desire to lobby more for specific projects to increase the incremental improvement.

Just fixing Auckland's wastewater would make a huge difference.

When it comes to the actual fishery, this is one where we have identified an opportunity for our iwi constituent parties to play a strong advocacy role.

The core problem is the unhealthy emphasis on governance instead of focusing on what each constituent party is doing, and how we might be able to improve outcomes with more collaboration. And advocacy."

This may explain just how she (and others) have brought a different viewpoint to the Forum. It is not anywhere with Seachange in the meantime - that is obvious.

I would love to kn ow what exactly is the "good news" referred to by Sandra. Perhaps someone can enlighten us in that regard in Comments. I think one can take the "unhealthy emphasis on governance" as a direct shot at outgoing Chair - John Tregidga, particularly as she failed to comment on the late-breaking news of his resignation. Interest will heighten as to his successor - that should give us a good indication as to its future direction.

Arts Centre Encampment

By the way, Mayor Sandra did add additional information regarding the encampment at the Thames Arts Centre on Tararu Road:

"We have cleared the area we have jurisdiction over and erected a fence on the property boundary.

We have limited authority on other private property matters."

Readers may have noticed that the caravan has been moved up onto the actual "private property," and various various  activities continue to take place without the benefit of services. It will be interesting to seed how long this goes on without proper access, though I notice that the Arts centre car-park is still being used by the occupants of the "private property."


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