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And Another Matter!

Another matter that I alluded to in my 29 March post, relates to the Major Events Fund, accessed again today to the tune of $15,000 for "Dare2Sweat Event - Waihora Spirited Women" which is a commercially sold as event covering many sports and involving some 1,560 participants, plus supporters - an important, and undoubtedly lucrative event indeed.

It was at Ohope this years, and either at Coromandel, Mercury bay or Thames in 2019, though I suspect that Mercury Bay is the front runner given available beds.

The actual event does not concern me - gender based or otherwise. What does concern me, and I suspect many others is the manner in which substantial sums of rate-payer money is handed out to a variety of organisations to persuade them to come here, or stay here.

Without doubt, large groups in the community, both commercial and otherwise benefit from these events.  But that is the extent it. The Economic Development Committee set up Leach, partly with the intention of overseeing these activities, but on the advent of Mayor Sandra, this redundant unit was disestablished without the slightest hesitation, and the applications are dealt with in-house precisely as in the past. 

The question that I believe must be asked is, what earthly benefit are these, often extravagant events to the general rate-payer, and why if they are so successful are they not able to 'self-fund.' Why are we constantly being prevailed on to fund them, whether they be motor-car rallies, sports events, or cultual extravaganzas.

I believe that these activities are all non-core, and add to our already excessive rates imposition. It is time that their funding was reviewed. Note, that I do not include the other smaller local event funds in these comments, though they certainly do need to be closely examined to ensure that they are fulfilling a wider community role.




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