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Revenue Proposals

The proposed changes to the Revenue are reflective of the regressive thinking amongst our councillors inasmuch as it is proposed to maximise (to 30%) the proportion of rates raised through the Uniform Annual General Rate - this moves the burden to the owners of lower value land to the maximum permitted by Government. Note that is separate from water and sewerage that are already uniform other than in regard to water usage where it is metered.

The proposed elimination of the Economic Development from commercial and industrial rates is supported by one of the most convoluted, and arid arguments you will ever see - it suggests that tourism is no longer subsidised, and that a "connect the dots" approach will enable all ratepayers to access funding by engaging with Council - utter balderdash.

The removal to the second dwelling rates remission is long overdue - it has enabled many - 131 at last count to use the loophole to maintain AirB&B, and Book-a-Batch units etc while pretending to keep mother (or father) independently living on site. Long overdue. You simply cannot rely on people's honesty - naive in the extreme.

The return of B & Bs with four bedrooms or more to the residential category is puzzling - clearly there is a wastewater issue, but four was always an arbitrary number that many of us suspected was motivated by a personal issues involving the previous administration.

All in all, the proposals reduce rather increase revenue, meaning that we will all be paying a great deal more to cover the ambitious projects proposed on other pages of the Plan, and lower income rate-payers will pay even more reflecting their generally lower land values. That is what happens when you put higher income foxes in charge of the hen-house, if you get my drift.




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