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QB Honours - Out Of Kilter?

Sport 24
Social Services 18
Education & Research         
Maori  12
Community 11
Dance & Music 9
Film, Television & Radio 8
Health 8
Entertainment 6
Conservation 5
Business & Industry 4
First Responders 4
Pacifica 4
Hobbies & Art                       
Law 3
Ethnic 2
Religion 2
Writing 2
Agriculture 1
Defence 1
Governance 1
Philanthropy  1


This is my Excel analysis of last week's list that seems to have been avoided by our ever vigilent MSM. The list picks up each attribute noted in the actual official list.

Just why this imbalance has occurred on what was the first occasion available to this new Government to recognise a wide and balanced range of people in our commuinity who have performed a range of works that have generally been long recognised in this manner is unclear.

Okay, so perhaps there has been a lean toward business, academia  and industry in the past, not to say philanthropy, but that is how good works are encouraged, the latter certainly needs encouragement. .

This list on the contrary appears to recognise mates and those on the opposite end of the spectrum with their hands up. But just how credible is it when almost the entire list appears unknown, and to represent a substantially reduced range of accomplishments.

I believe that this does not auger well for the future credibility of this Government, and given the credit with which it started its reign, that is a shame.

Honours may be a confounding irrelevance to most of us, but thay do perform  a useful service if handled properly. The nonsense reflected in this list is the complete antithesis of this.






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