King Salmon "Eyes Cook Strait"
Wednesday, June 20, 2018 at 9:28AM
Bill Barclay

King Salmon have huge ambition, but little credibility when it comes to the environmental effects resulting from their nine farms in the Sounds - they have attempted to persuade DPI to let them into other areas in the outer Sounds, but have only been partially successful in accessing the areas they require.

Now there is another apparent solution - the storm ridden Cook Strait where they believe that newly developed Norwegian technology will help them to move right into the open ocean. Bollocks! - there is no evidence that the Norwegians have developed 'undersea' technology that would cope with the forces generated in Cook Strait - certainly not in the report below in any case.

But true to form, King Salmon and Aquaculture NZ have taken a delegation of people that they believe will be able to influence Government and public opinion here, to a conference in Stavenger, Norway to hear the 'good news,' and report it back here to a hopefully gullible audience. Note that NZH's Patrick Smellie follows MSM practice of admitting that he travelled to Norway "as a guest of Aquaculture NZ."

He reports that the head of the Environment Defence Society environmental policy group, Raewyn Peart who also traveled to Norway for the presentation "gave cautious early endorsement". Many of us who have relied on the unbiased participation of the EDS in the past would be disappointed if it turned out that her expenses had also been met by Aquaculture NZ. She told Patrick:

"If we're going to expand salmon farming, or fin-fish farming of that kind, I think the only option is to go offshore,"

Patrick Smellie's report certainly does not answer obvious questions that arise from the basic elements of the proposal contained in the report. I submit as evidence of the slant being provided by King Salmon Managing Director, Grant Rosewarne, the following quotes:

""What would be the capacity there? At least 100,000 tonnes," he said of Cook Strait's potential to host NZKS's future operations, which currently produce around 8,000 tonnes annually of the fish, which it sells locally and for export using nine sites in the Marlborough Sounds, covering a total of 17 'surface hectares' for total revenues in the last financial year of $136 million""


""I think we're on the cusp, for the first time, of having the prospect of realising a massively valuable industry," said Rosewarne, who believes farming of the high-value, Pacific King salmon variety could become as valuable as the dairy industry in New Zealand over the next 30 years, but at a fraction of the environmental cost and area required by dairying.""

A couple of bad El Nino years in the Peruvian Humboldt current anchovy industry - the principal source of protein for  farmed salmon would soon put paid to that.

Rosewarne goes on to say: 

"We'd probably start by putting a pen out there (in Cook Strait) and see what happens, not even put any fish in it, see if we can make it go up and down, see how we go with storms."

There is an element of fantasy involved with this proposal - salmon are not mussels that cling to ropes, or the bottom to resist the currents that feed them. The idea of salmon being able to resist the kind of currents experienced im Cook Strait is beyond belief, and one has to wonder what the ulterior motive may be in pushing this proposal - even to the extent of flying possible 'influencers' to Stavanger to absorb, and report on this remarkable new advance in aquaculture technology.

I don't believe it for one moment, any more than I give any credence to the Hauraki Gulf fin-fish proposal. Watch  as Aquaculture NZ and NZKS start working on that purveyor of largesse to the provinces - Shane Jones, for huge Government support from his billion dollar fund to help pay for the 'research.'

You needed to hear him on Morning Report this AM (20 June) talking about chinook salmon farming behind Trustpower's Arnold dam to understand the gullibility and superficiality of this man - particularly when it comes to West Coast projects.

Brooklyn Bridge salesmen are probably lining him up right now.   




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