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NZ War Memorial Museum - Le Quesnoy

As if we have not contributed enough to memorialize the WW1 under Leach, it is now proposed to donate $27,247 ($1 per ratepayer!) to a new museum at Le Quesnoy in France. We all should know enough about what went on at this town by now, and our Government has contributed substantially. But now, more is required to fund the $15m project.

This is exactly the kind of thing where our Council should be keeping its hands firmly in its pocket, no matter the generosity of the local people in making a centrally situated decrepit mansion available for the purpose. Basically it is to provide a way for New Zealand tourists to gather in a 'home away from home' situation to identify with the sacrifices made on our behalf 100 years ago. When will it all ever end?

Frankly, I think that there are already quite sufficient of these memorials, and that there is little need for any further involvement - particularly at local council level. We have far more important and urgent projects for us tro be spending our money on, and the Leach WW1 Memorial Forests have been enough of a financial outlay (disaster!) for this District.

I say no, but no doubt there will a bunch of emotional arguments in favour expressed at Tuesday's meeting.  I know one thing - restoring a festering  old chateau in France is a notorious 'sink-hole' for the funds of well-intentioned foreigners, and a wonderful 'earner' for locals.


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