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'e' Cars Come In Many Guises

After several querulous posts of mine over the last year or two on the subject, I think that Denis Tegg finally lost patience, and brought his near-new Hyundai Ioniq import around for me to view and to have a drive.

This vehicle is now claimed by Hyundi to be NZ's No. 1 selling electric vehicle - it must have left the Nissan Leaf in the dust in that case, but 'give a dog a bad name,' and it must affect sales in the long run. Nissan's reprehensible refusal to take any responsibility for the battery problems being experienced - particularly by its 30Kva offering had to eventually have an effect, even if they are all imports - it is very hard for 'Joe Blow' to distinguish the difference. 

Okay, so what about the Denis's Hyundi. Well first up, it is a really smooth design - the all-electric model has a closed-in radiator to distinguish it from the hybrid. And his is spectacular red - maybe not so good in view of the age-old problems of retaining the finish on red vehicles, but spectacular nevertheless.

So much for the aesthetics. My only previous experience was in a 25Kva Leaf, with which I was impressed, but not overly. This 28Kva model is a different kettle of fish - a wonderful driving experience - I can't really see how the vastly more expensive (Denis's was $49k at the wharf having come via the UK - it is the top of the line $59k model new off the showroom floor) alternative BMW's and the like could provide a better experience. The Tesla looks like it may require a 777 pilots licence to work the electronics, but there I am showing my age. 

What I can say about the normal functions of normal driving - a relaxing and most enjoyable experience, and one I could certainly get used to, if i could afford it. As Denis explained. the price can really only go one way - down, as the technology becomes more widely accepted, and Government policy more persuasive - the direction in which it appears to be moving.

As for distance driving - Denis told me that he had cruised down to the capital a few weeks ago, and charged at Cambridge, Taupo, Turangi, Mangaweka and Levin.  Turangi was just a 10 min top up,  others 20-30 minutes. Soon there will be chargers at Tokoroa and Tirau. His range is 200 -230km depending on mode and driving habits. That seems reasonable, and again, can only get better - the Tesla is already up to 400km.

Look, I still have reservations about the battery components as I have outlined previously, but I am convinced that these vehicles are a viable, possibly essential alternative to the current propulsion that we have been addicted to for so long. I would have one in a flash if I could afford it, but the next generation may be worth waiting for.

Thanks Denis - I am sold, if not totally convinced!




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