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The 2018 Ratepayers Report Is Now Out

This is the report prepared annually by the Taxpayers Union Inc., and it is well worth a look.

Our Council does not show up well this year, or in many other years to be honest.

Just comparing some basic information with other councils in the Waikato Region shows just how diligent our Council has been in ensuring that its salaries and rates are kept at the highest levels regardless of the fact that our population remains the sixth higherst (29,000) out of ten in the Region.

For instance, we have :

  • The third highest paid CEO of the 10 ($345,000 p.a.) Only Hamilton's CEO (($386,000) and Waikato DC's ($347,000) are paid more.
  • The second highest number of staff paid over $100,000 on a population basis (852). Only tiny Waitomo District Councils figures (540) are worse. The average figure for all the Waikato Councils is 1434. 
  • The second highest councillor remuneration ($37.982) - only Waikato District Couyncil with twice the ratepayer base pays more.
  • The second highest average rates ($2,567). Only Waitomo District Council with a ratepayer base of 6,315 is worse ($2,728). The average figure for all the Waikato Councils is $2,304.

This is just a small small sample of the overall analysis available through the tables provided. Overall, we do not stack up well, and they indicate an unacceptable level of profligacy. This stuff needs to be trotted out when the elections come round. Exercising control over these levels of expenditure are exactly why we elect councillors, and if they are not doing the job, they need to be replaced.

For those unfamiliar with the process, a Staff Committee of Council sets the salary of the Chief Executive that is ratified by Council, and he in turn sets those paid to his underlings - salaries down the line are then set within parameters set by the CEO, and his senior staff. The 'rule of thumb' is generally 75% at each descending level of report in the upper echelon - generous, eh!

It is a really outrageous piece of 'back-scratching,' with no effective outside controls set by anyone like the State Services Commissioner. The emoluments of councillors and board members are set by the Higher Salaries Commission by contrast and in accordance with well established principles.

You can see how powerful the CEO is in this situation - they are notorious throughout the industry for the manner in which they exercise this power at our expense.

Roll on 2019!




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$345,000. Seriously?

September 10, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterRussell

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