Tararu Flood Protection To Proceed
Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at 12:07PM
Bill Barclay

Residents will note works commencing today at the end of Wilson Street to re-establish the long gone groynes that will provide a degree of protection from the rolling waves that caused the damage on 5 January. The rock wall in front of the two residences at the end of the street have already been restored, but the groynes with provide additional protection.

The groynes have existing resource consent, dating from when they were originally built, and Council staff are co-operating in an exemplary manner to ensure that the works are compoleted in accordance with all the provisions of the existing consent. The next few days will provide the necessary low spring tides conditions that will enable the contractor to get in and get the task completed

It should be noted that this entire operation is being carried out under the auspices of the South Tararu Flood Committee that was recently formed for the purpose of raising funds and overseeing the works. It is a local initiative involving all those people who propertiers were  damaged, or endangered on 5 January, and it is a true example of a community based initiative that deserves every support of the Council to ensure that the entire funding required for the task is in place. The Community Board will consider the application by the Committee for a Community Grant at its meeting set down for 1 October at Te Puru Hall. 

But what is significant is that the Committee has already raised over $20,000 from its members, including a $10,000 residual from the previous flood several years ago. This has been nurtured by committee members from that time, and the current Committee has ensured that all the necessary arrangements have been made to access those funds.

All in all, it is a splendid example of a community initiated action to deal with community problem, and already meeting minutes indicate just how well these arrangements are being implemented with great skill and volunteer input from locals with engineering, surveying and managerial skills. 

Here is a summary of the last Minutes (No.2) to indicate just how comprehensive this work has become:

Committee Members

Andrew Austen (Chair) Tom Fox (Deputy Chair), Debbie O'Connell (Secretary/Treasurer), Bruce Smith, Barry Cropp, Fabian Steel, Gordon Battson, Peter Hoffman, Bob Cox & Bruce Miller (acting as advisors being part of the orinal Committee) 

General Business

We have the prices in for the repair work to be done as per the drawings done by the previous committee member Max Bossleman Engineer and Bruce Millar – Surveyor

Stage one the Groins is ready to go

To repair the Groins and lift the height of the wall at Robert Street - $19,095.75

Stage two

To purchase mat and 450 tonnes rock for the wall along the foreshore & cartage– 450 tonnes . Estimated contractor to purchase and place the mat and rocks  - $42,250.00

 We have applied to the Community Grants for $30,000.00 which we expect to hear back from in October

 Our Chairman and Bruce Millar have met frequently with the TCDC and Waikato representatives to ensure we can do this work within our current Resource Consent

Exciting News

The contractor is starting the groins and the wall on Robert Street property on September the 10th. They expect to be finished by the end of that week.

As he is restricted by the tides and safety it would be greatly appreciated if you are down there having a look to leave plenty of room for them to work.

The company is Ground and Pound and they meet all the legal and safety regulations to work for us within our Resource Consent .

You may see them using my place on occasion at 102 Wilson Street that is all fine.

So far 28 residents have contributed $12,700.00 in a little over a month, With the balance that was in the bank we now have a total of $23,900.19

These contributions have enabled the committee with the help of the Council and Bruce Millar to have the first step of the repair work done by the end of September

 Thank-you all - that is fantastic My next bit of news is also extremely positive

 The TCDC has met with Andrew Austen and Bruce Millar with regard  to  the Robert Street and Wilson Street TCDC owned land - this is coming soon.

They are fixing those in their financial year as they said at the Public Meeting

Andrew and Bruce have been working with them to join both projects to get the best outcome

The Council has agreed for the use of their land for our contractors to get to the beach and once we have done our work with the groins we will work together

With surveying , contractors plans etc. Once the Chairman has dates and more information we will let you know what will be happening.  For those of you that have donated I will be sending a letter of acknowledgement by email or dropping in your letterbox.

It  took a while for the mandate to get to the bank and for the old and the new committee to get time off to meet at the bank , this only happened last week. At this stage we are waiting for our internet access so if anyone has contributed since last Thursday I work in Auckland most days and will go to the Bank this  Friday for an update.

 Once again many thanks for all the contributions and if you wish to contribute or help in any way or would like to know anything else please contact us

 The bank account is BNZ Thames- Thames South Flood Protection Committee 02-0456-0009118-00

Our next committee meeting is the 27th of September  -  if you would like anything discussed please contact one of our members and we will do that for you.

 I would also like to thank the many people who have come forward with ideas and offers of help for fundraising, it seems this may need to happen so if you have time to help or ideas drop me an email or call me on 0275310468 so we can start this as well.

Sincerely yours

Debbie O’Connell- Secretary - Thames South Flood Committee



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