Hahei Carparking Now Out For Submissions
Thursday, September 6, 2018 at 5:23PM
Bill Barclay

The simmering dilemma facing the residents of Hahei that has led to a by-law change that applies only to this township is now out for public submissions, and undoubtedly it will raise hackles well beyond Hahei. Witness today's article in the NZH

The protesters are likely to be those who are concerned about the principle of having to pay to "visit the beach" - an emotional touchstone equivalent to "fishing for a feed for the family," and about as relevant

Anyone who has visited Hahei on a good day over recent summers will understand just what its residents have had to put up with - a parking shemozzle of Eden Park proportions, with determined parkers determined to get to either Cathedral Cove, or Hot Water Beach regardless of the comfort or rights of anyone else - just park, and be dammed!

The local Residents and Ratepayers Association headed up by Bill Stead and John North have provided exemplary leadership in arriving at the current solution as exemplified by the proposed by-law - it has been an object lesson in arriving at a solution to suit as many as possible - you are never going to achieve unanimity in this situation.

The charges for the designated spaces will cause concern of course, but it is the only fair way of achieving the objective of getting as many cars as possible into the Council owned carpark outside of town that has absorbed considerable Council resources. 

The eventual hearing will be heated no doubt, but it seems to me that the proposal has substantial merit, and support that will no doubt be expressed, along with equally passionate opposition.

Mayor Sandra has indicated that "the Council decision will come down to the quality of the submissions" - I am sot quite sure where she stands on the issue - as with any increase in restrictions through by-laws, she tends to 'keep her counsel.' Having seen what the Hahei R & R have been through on this, I can see any other locality attempting to emulate Hahei having real hurdles.

The entire East Coast needs to be concsious of the 'chicken and egg; situation arising from the relentless promotion of tourism, with every one expecting the Council to solve the resulting problems. A little more forethought by all concerned is called for, but the damage caused by Leach's Council in this regard is now there for all to see. By the way, what has happened to all his grand legacy projects?     




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