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Whangamata Unhappy With Mangrove Bill Changes

A meeting last night of 130 locals, called by Scott Simpson, and attended by our Mayor Sandra Goudie, roundly condemmed the new provisions of the Mangrove Bill as reported back by the Select Committee.

It is probably superfluous to say tht this response was reflected in the positions taken by Scott and Sandra - 'spitting chips' may better desribe it. 

That is hardly surprising - go to my 15 November post here to get the full picture.

The meeting resolved to reject the bill as it is currently written, and to wait out the present Government in the hope that they can in due course  persuade the alternative to revert to the the bill as originally proposed by the Council.

I think they will find that circumstances have changed as well, and that it will suffer the same fate.

But you have to give them marks for consistency, and trying - very trying!



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Reader Comments (1)

the Select Committee was Chaired by a National Party MP and National had equal numbers on the Committee. Hardly a ringing endorsement, so good luck with "waiting out" for a new government. Scott Simpson was always lukewarm about this Bill - but he did his duty as the local MP to get it thru the Parliamentary process.

The message is clear - as it always was - if you wish to remove mangroves - get a consent under the RMA - as every other person or company must do.

January 24, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterDenis Tegg

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