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Election Final?

12 midday - I aimed to have the final results posted immediately that they were up on the Council website, but alas, it appears to have been all too much for the over-worked staff at the Castle to achieve what appears to have been achieved by every other council - posting of the 'finals' by yesterday.

This is pathetic, and inexcusable for such a small Council - they are not conducting a 're-count' after all (or are they?) - simply tallying the votes that for whatever reason were unable to be tallied on the day. Quite different results are even showing in the Saturday presser, than are showing on Election page on the Website - that is straight out carelessness.

I will continue to monitor the Website, but cannot guarantee a result before the weekend, or before it is time for staff to pack up for the day.

Sorry Robyn  - stand-by!


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