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Time For A Contribution!

I find it remarkable that I can garner well over 700 (by 8am today) page views following yesterday's story on the Whitianga Town Upgrade, but I have received almost zero contributions over the past twelve months to assist with keeping the blog going.

It is not that it costs a great deal - about $400 all up, but it does involve a substantial contribution of my time, and I have to be constantly aware of the dangers of someone taking offense, and even threatening legal action - that can be crippling. So while I am extremely careful about what goes on the site, it would be reassuring to know of real asnd tangible support from out there.

It woud certainly be reaffirming, and encouraging were regular readers able to find their way clear to stuffing an appreciative note in my stocking top on occasion. I can't promise titillation, but at least you will continue to get a regular diet of Council tid-bits for your edification, and amusement.

Details of how to keep this small organ grinding are at the top of the page.




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Reader Comments (1)

Hi Bill. I have just made a contribution of $50 to your nominated bank account! I must admit that I have felt guilty in frequently reading your blog, and yet not having contributed previously. As I have commented before, I consider your blog to be so very valuable. In particular, I am very grateful for your dedication in attending TCDC meetings and ferreting out for readers, information on the controversial matters that the Council does not want us to know much about. You fill a real gap, left by the MSM having essentially withdrawn from following the affairs of our Council. In addition, you provide readers with information on a wide range of other important topics. I hope that you continue with your sterling efforts. I also trust that your reminder that it is - 'Time for a Contribution!' - prompts other readers to reflect on the great value of your work and to, in turn, give you some financial support. Thanks again. Tim.

October 7, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterTim

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