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Calling Every Dog A Dingo!

Here is a good one from Newsroom today to chew over around the water cooler:

Mānuka Honey Appellation Society spokesperson, John Rawcliffe, isn’t opposed to collaborating with Australia to grow the industry but Rawcliffe wants to differentiate New Zealand’s product. 

“It’s not shutting Australia out. It’s ensuring that the consumer is getting a product that they have previously purchased and recognised."

Rawcliffe rejects the notion that Mānuka plants (leptospermum scoparium) in New Zealand and Australia are the same. 

“It’s like calling every dog a dingo."

Boy, we certainly know how to get up Okker noses. I can't wait to pass that one on to our Queensland friends when they arrive to stay next week!

The whole story reminds me of when Jack Turner - then CEO of Turners & Growers came up with the name Kiwifruit (actually the Hayward cultivar), but failed to register the trade-mark around the World because no-one knew if it would 'catch on.'




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