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New Year - Same Council

The new year is under way, and I am getting ready for the first Council meeting on Tuesday when there apears nothing controversial on the agenda - generally a sign that the 'secret' workshops have been active. It does appear likely that the 30 or so 'concerned citizrns' who turned up at the last meeting of 2018 to protest the failure of our Council to sign up to the Local Government Declaration on Climate Change will once again be present in Public Forum.

Our Council is probably the only one likely to be affected that has failed to sign, and that reflects the prevailing sentiment of this Goudie led group of what can only be described at the very least as 'climate sceptics.' The group of Thames residents who are outraged by this resistance in the face of mounting evidence, and need for greater allocation of resources to dealing with the matter will seek to find out just what Council has decided to do as the result of their previous submission. The Declaration is toothless of course, but it does send a message to Government, and our Council should be part of it.

They are unlikely to get any change out of Sandra, and there is certainly nothing on the agenda on which they can hang their pleas. Such is life in this small town. Either they organise to tip this crew out at the election, or they are wasting their time. Should the current Vanuatu 'cyclone' turn in this direction and provide a repeat of the 5 January 2018 spring tide and NNW event, we will probably escape any effects from the 4.3m tide on 24 February. Keeping fingers crossed appears to be the order of the day for this Council.

'Freedom Camping' (now there lies a favourite gripe of our Mayor!), is likely to come under some discussion after today's article in Stuff. Catching an offender with her pants down at Waikawau must have given great satisfaction to the NZMCA member, and the $400 fine resulting from the well captured photo, some degree of angst for the offender, but it does highlight just how ridiculous is the entire legislation, and resulting by-laws that are simply laughable in the face of determined avoidance, both by the perpetrators, and the caravan hirers.

Th ultimate insult to our intelligence lies in the $250 bond that hiring companies are apparently returing to hirers who avoid using the on-board toilet facilities, and return their vehicle in pristine condition.




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