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A Remarkable Turnaround By Council

The remarkable action by the District Council to place a inundation warning on the title of the Richmond Villas title in December as revealed in today's RNZ News is mind-boggling to say the least.

The fact that village owner Colin Parker claims that the letter notifying this change was not received is almost beyond belief. Notwithstanding, he was well aware, as we all were of the danger of proceeding when the consent was issued in late 2017 when the Government had made it perfectly clear that revised guidelines were 'on the way'  that would almost certainly obviate any chance of approval being granted by Council.

What is disturbing is that it appears clear that Council rushed through several applications in October 2017, including the one from Whitianga Waterways,  in what appeared at the time to be a deliberate attempt to avoid having to apply the anticipated changes to the guidelines. This disgraceful state of affairs appears likely to now come under close examination - hopefully by the Auditor General.

Mr Parker's building at Richmond Village appears to be on an expedited construction curve over the last few months with an August completion by all reports. It seems likely that all his buyers will need to be given the opportunity to withdraw in the light of this late breaking information. The potentially inevitable result will be extremely expensive litigation against the Council - a prospect to which I have drawn attention on several occasions in the past - just do a search to see those posts.

This is a developing story, and I will update it as further information becomes available.


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