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Australian Exported Terrorism, Is Us!

Having returned to New Zealand after twenty five years working for the Australian Government in various roles, we were often questioned  as to why, when everyone at the time appeared to moving in the other direction? I think many of our friends will recall that our answer was quite simple - the ingrained and pervasive racism that permeated every aspect of Australian life - a casual, accepted, inherited and defended racism that transcended guilt, made our decision relatively simple.

We decided to leave it behind, and return to a country where the same or similar existed in a far more diluted, if barely tolerable  form. Hence our lack of real surprise when we heard of the origins of the main perpetrator on Friday - Grafton on the Northern NSW coast is one the epicentres of the attitudes that are so well explained in this article, by Chris Graham on his website -,

For additional comment by Waleed Ali - a prominent Australian journalist on their Project program, go to this Facebook page. It is as frightening as it is disturbing,, and bears out my heading to this post.

Graham is a former Walkley journalism award winner - the top Australian awards in this field. It is seldom that I have seen such self-awareness displayed in this particular area by any Australian journalist - most appear in denial, or incapable of admitting that Australian attitudes are in any way unusual - Trump has inspired complacency, by comparison.  How often have we heard? :

"It is all very well for you Kiwis to claim the morl  high ground - you don't have boats heading your way, or the abject historical Aboriginal condition to deal with."

My eight year fight during the nineties and beyond, right to Cabinet level, for adequate Federal government resources to deal with Aboriginal health conditions in the Northern Territory, left me exhausted, and despondent. I was fobbed off at every level by the sickening and patronising futility - "Don't waste your time, or ours, son!" that had prevailed for the 100 years since Federation, with first prime minister Barton's declaration that only white Europeans qualified as Australians. I won't expand on the words he actually used to describe the others! Don't imagine that much has changed.

Every other aspect of Friday's events has been reported at length elsewhere, and my reference to the above article is the only contribution I intend to make. But anyone who thinks that the philosophies, that drove Tarrant, albeit less obvious, are absent here should think again. Anyone who is in denial as to whether they have heard similar sentiments casually expressed here to many of those in parts of his manifesto, and as graphically described in Graham's article, are kidding themselves.

Kia kaha!



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