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'Climate Change' - Agree, or Disagree? - that is the Question

It is interesting that the writers who put the Stuff article together yesterday on  the reaction of councils throughout the country to the 'Climate Declaration'  found difficulty in establishing whether it is the prerogative of the Mayor, or the councils to make that decision. 

Our Mayor Sandra has taken it on herself to state that she has no intention of signing it, and one can only presume that she has the support of her Council in taking that position - or has she? Rex Simpson appears to have deserted the fold, and will no doubt vote in favour of signing the Declaration on 2 April. I am sure that he will be joined at least by Sally Christie, and Strat Peters. Based on the performance on 19 February, that will be it, and the East Coast group appears likely to bloc vote with the Mayor.

Our Council will join the following (see StuffI article) in taking this position, :

Manawatu District,




West Coast Regional Council, and


Not marvellous company I would have thought - quite the contrary. Several other mayors equivocated when put on the spot - none of those actually opted out as above.

It is really disturbing when people elected to these positions claim 'ignorance,' "lack of scientific knowledge," and other specious excuses for failing to sign a perfectly simple declaration designed to show unity amongst local government in regard to accepting that climate change  is a fact of life, and seeking greater central government input into co-ordinating reaction to the problem on a country-wide basis.

That is basically all that was involved, but the range of embarrassed foot-tapping, and side-stepping to avoid taking a firm position beggars belief. That we, being one the most seriously affected districts, certainly amongst the 'No' group, are being led in this manner, is both disgraceful, and dangerous.




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