Mayor Right On Spot Tomorrow Morning
Monday, April 1, 2019 at 12:25PM
Bill Barclay

This morning's radio interview on RNZ by Kate Gudesrll puts Mayor Sandra right on the spot in regard to the motion she has proposed for tomorrow's Council meeting that in effect rejects signing of the Local Government New Zealand Climate Change Declaration.

Listen, and understand to the utter frustration expressed so eloquently by young Thames High School students Helena Mayer and Lillian Balfour, who along with others attempted to speak with the Mayor last week on the issue, but who was "too busy." 

It is time the Eastern cabal on the Council, who have blindly supported the Mayor to date took another look at where they stand - are they to remain in this indefensible position gathering further scorn and derision, or they prepared to 'take her on,' and 'take her out' on this issue? We will know tomorrow.




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