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'Informer' Fails To Inform

Stephen Bosman in his 17 April Informer editorial asks the rather pathetic question "Was it the right decision?

One has to appreciate, I guess, the enormmous pressure he is under from advertisers and his essentially right wind conservative demographic to conform to the outlandish view that nothing about climatre change is "proven, " and hence the need to tread carefully. But is does little for his reputation beyond Mercury Bay.

The article is one of those "On the one hand ..........., but on the other," pieces of journalistic contortion that fails to take a stand on a perfectly simple proposition. The fact that five councillors, including his two from Mercury Bay chose to back the Mayor opposing the Climate Change Declaration is no reason for failure to concurrently explain in no uncertain terms the future that we are all facing, regardless of the empty claim that "actions speak louder than words."

These are nothing more than mealy-mouthed distortions of what is actually a total failure of our Council to deal with the reality that faces our coast in particular. Bike paths, and electric cars - what bollocks, and a complete abrogation of responsibility that we have grown to expect from our Council. 

Look in the same edition for the excellent letter from from Denis Tegg that unfavourably compares the performance of our Council against that of others around the country.  Compare this with Bosnan's attempt to back up the 'nit-picking' response of our Council to any criticism of their actions, and the copious quotes from those favouring the mayor's motion. 

Once upon a time we could expect leadership from newspaper editors on matters of great substance, and this certainly falls into that category. Yes, as Stephen paraphrases Denis in the letter heading - "We must do better than this." And so should you Stephen - not simply suggest that potential candidaes "start thinking about the answer!"'




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