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Declaration Now 'On Hold' (Like the Mangrove Bill!)

In spite of national criticism of her extraordinary, contradictory and convoluted stance on the matter, our Mayor had the audacity during the course of an interview last evening with Karyn Hay on RNZ, to claim that she would simply not respond to the:

"politically driven criticism and bullying generated by social media."

She refused to name or detail from whence this derived, but hinted darkly that it was of a malevolent nature. Mind you, she did say that she had never read it herself , because "I don't play those games."

I guess she must have been referring to Denis Tegg and myself - he later got a mention. I don't know of any other 'social media' taking any interest in her pronouncements. But  to describe our criticism in these terms, and possibly as 'trollish' in nature, is drawing a 'long bow,' but I guess since she has not read it, we have little to fear should she seek to define it as 'hate speech,' and worthy of the attention of the censor.

In case Sandra really does believe that we are the opposition, she should perhaps read between the lines of this Waikato Times editorial from 20 March.

Frankly, I think the argument is now one that can only be settled at the ballot box, and those who oppose the Mayor and councillors who backed her yesterday, need to get their heads around just who they are going to support as viable challengers of those who have the advantage of incumbency.

I noted at the 'after-match function' at The Club that Jeanette Fitzsimmons 'held court' at one end of the table in a manner that led me to think what an excellent alternative she would make to Sandra, were she able to be persuaded to again 'throw her hat in the ring.' This after all is a really solid cause that could ignite opposition in the same manner by which she managed to eliminate Murray McLean from  Parliament on the mining issue all those years ago.

Jeanette may be a really attractive candidate in the circumstances, and throw a spanner in Sandra's works, but alternatively, the really impressive Katina Conomos whose knowledge of local government, and courage in stepping forward yesterday to express her concerns, possibly sacrificing future consultancy income, would be a real catch, and introduce youth and long absent intelligence and integrity to the job.

Katina probably won't thank me for mentioning her name,  but by golly, she would bring a new magnetism to the task that would make her an extremely attractive candidate with a total absence of baggage.




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