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And Last, But Not Least - Denis Tegg

Denis provided a word-less Facebook presentation that have been cunningly designed to capture the attention of the majority of councillors who 'turn-off' when he speaks, and appear to have far more important matters to attend to on their desks.

I strongly recommend that you take good time to look through the presentation, and absorb some of the more disturbing information it conveys. Here it is : 

As a counterpoint, it was remarkable to hear Colin Parker of Richmond Villas fame, pleading with Council this morning to change its position on disposing of reserve land on the Thames Wharf corner of his soon to be threatened property now under construction. It seems that he has never managed to convince the Council of the flood danger emanating from the River and tidal creek. Oh well, 'the chickens come home to roost.' I don't like his chances, either way!

Note some of the oblique references in Denis's presentation  to the more remarkable statements made earlier on climate change by our erstwhile Mayor, apparently with the strong support of some more deeply entrenched councillors - all of who appear determined to 'stay the course' through the next election.

I cannot detect a single challenge coming from either centre, or left field, and I am therefore more or less resigned to our status quo being here is here to stay, depressing as that seems. Mark Skelding indicated to me this morning that he refuses to bow to cynicism, so good luck to both him and all those who sail with him.




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