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Sanfords Expanding Big Glory Bay Operation

Here is an interesting story that oginated in Stuff about the Sanfords operations in Bluff and Big Glory Bay.

It shows that King Salmon Marlborough do not have the Chinook (Pacific Salmon) fishery all to themselves in this country, Even though this country has a virtual monopoly on the production of this extremely high quality, high value species, it only constitutes .7% of the World production of salmon overall. And King Salmon may have taken a hit to its reputation as the result of damaging media stories regarding mortality resulting from temperature and pollution problems that it has been having in the Sounds.

I don't carry a candle for Sanfords by any means - they appear to be centering their South Island operations in Timaru, which will no doubt cause consternation in Bluff, but the move to salmon in that area does suggest that this area of the country may constitute the logical location for future industry expansion, rather than having to face the dangerous waters of Cook Strait as King Salmon's Grant Rosewarne seems intent on doing.

Protected cold, high velocity water has been the basis for the vastly greater scale Tasmanian (Atlantic Salmon) industry, though even it too is facing major pollution problems leading to exploratory work off the Albrohos Islands of Western Australia.

Whatever happens, finfish aquaculture remains fraught with difficulty, no matter where it is situated, but even more so in high temperature, low velocity waters as we have here in the Hauraki Gulf. We must remain vigilant to ensure that the many 'experts' and 'boosters' are kept at bay, and the hopelessly discredited industry away from our relatively pristine waters. I for one regard Shane Jones with his half-baked approach to regional development projects as a potential menace in this regard.

Mussels (within limits - say 50,000 tonnes max), good; fin-fish, bad - simple!



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