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Seagull Centre Officially Opens

Our much admired Seagull Centre  - a project of which our Council can be justifiably proud was afficially opened today by a bevy of MPs and local body dignitaries. It is one project for which everyone wishes to get a share of the credit!

This incredible enterprise arose from the foresight of a few good citizens some fourteen years ago from a very shaky start in old sheds at the corner entrance to the Council Tip. It has grown exponentially since then with the recent addition of some impressive new buildings and first rate commercial landscaping on land previously used for storing moloks.

Overseeing the operation for the last few years under the oversight of a well-run Trust has been the redoubtable Ric Brown. Ric brought some top flight management to the operation, but will shortly move on with his life, and the Trust will be obliged to try and secure the services of someone of equal capability - he will be a hard act to follow.

Well over 150 attended the opening today and it was a splendid affair - it really brought together a great number of local identities, many of whom have devoted long volunteer hours to the project over the years. Many of the employed workers have disabilities that mean they can only work limited hours, but Ric has the rosters set in such a way that there is always cheery face to greet people dropping off 'stuff,' and able to price and help with the removal of purchases.

Somehow order is created out of apparent chaos, and the financial position of the Trust has improved dramatically over the years. aided mightily by local and national charities. None could possibly quibble over the way in which this really successful local initiative has met the needs of Thames, and the wider community, and qt the same time, contributed mightily to the reduction of waste headed for the Tip.

Congratulations to all concerned!




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