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Spat Farm Causes A 'Spat'

The Informer  has an excellent story on the Peter Bull's application to establish a spat farm in Mercury By, off Hahai to the chagrin of certain local residents who seem to confuse the sea with land when attempting to extend  the TCDC District Plan definition of 'landscape values' to the waters of the Bay.

Note Dal Minogues comments that the application it appears to be fully compliant with the WRC requirements, and that:

"Mussel spat farming has a benign effect on the receiving environment, the coastal waters, so the environmental effects of [a spat farm in Mercury Bay] in that sense will almost certainly be considered to be ‘less than minor.’ However, the environmental effects also need to be considered against other factors such as landscape and natural character values and the spatial impact of the activity on other marine life. The argument about these things will depend on the material put forward in public submissions and the degree of community concern expressed."  

Spat have traditionally grown and hauled down from Ninety Mile Beach with substantial losses on the way. The thirty hectare farm proposed by Peter Bull and Joe Davis (on behalf of Ngati Hei) appears to be  insignificant in the overall scheme of things, and hugely beneficial for the industry as a whole. 

The objections that Andrew Barber, a spokesperson for Whauwhau Environmental Group Limited related to the proposed farm being situated in an area having “outstanding natural features and landscapes” and “outstanding natural character” appear churlish in the circumstances, and devoid of merit, but no diubt WRC will deal with it appropriately. 




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