John Leenman On Electric Vehicles
Wednesday, July 10, 2019 at 11:38AM
Bill Barclay

John Leenman - a consummate loca electric vehicle advocate, presented an excellent Power Point in the Council Public Forum on Tuesday that clearly nailed down some cogent arguments for Council to progressively/rapidly convert the majority of its vehicle fleet.

Most people who have followed the snail-like progress of EVs into the national fleet will be well acquainted with the facts surrounding the the need for this to speed up, and councils throughout the country should be providing the lead. Their has not been much evidence of this happening here to date, though the Mayor at least specified a hybrid for her own use, with which she appears very happy.

John emphasised the economic advantages of  the change he was proposing (81.6% saving overall per year), and the fact tat we already have an excellent fast charging network around the Peninsula. His Power Point  was persuasive, and it should constitute a platform for some action in the Castle.

Fine complimentary words from around the table hardly 'fit the bill,' but I guess that with everyone now in electoral mode, little action can be expected in the immediate future.




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