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KIng Salmon Builds Pressure For RDF Funding

Owen Evans in Stuff  dated 15 July reported the latest effort by King Salmon CEO Grant Rosewarne to apply further pressure on Government for funding to assist his companiy's  efforts to establish in Cook's Strait. This appears specifically designed to 'short-circuit' the opposition to his efforts to establish farms in the outer sounds to replace those on the iner sounds where they have caused extreme long-term environmental damage - a move that awaits full Government approval.

You have to agree that Rosewarne is nothing if not a trier - he is pulling every PR stunt in the book to obtain the result that he so needs to combat both climate change, and the opposition to his outer sounds plans.

It seems that his latest ploy is to claim, on the basis of extremely limited research that conditions in the Strait are conducive to his grand plans for massive sea cages based on Norwegian design. If that is the case, it does appear a wonderful solution to his present dilemma, but if that is the case, why is he continuing to search for sites down the East Coast of the South Island? Something does not quite 'add-up' in this regard, and our previous experience with Rosewarne should warn us to treat his claims with caution.

There is a Cawthorne Institute symposium involving international aquaculture experts taking place next month that will no doubt be slanted towards reducing the concerns of industry sceptics, and which will undoubtedly be used by Rosewarne, and his cohort to apply further pressure on the Government to 'come the party.'

As I have previuously indicated, it is my view that this whole exercise is aimed at securing public funding to cover the extreme risk of any move into Cook Strait - as he has previously demonstrated, Rosewarne is no tyro in this endeavour, and our PM's caution as demonstrated at the Blenheim Chamber of Commerce seminar last month will be severely tested.




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