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Noosa Declares Climate Change Emergency

Noosa yesterday became the 27th Australian municipality to declare a climate emergency

The momentum is building to remind central governments everywhere of their responsibility to take more stringent measures to react to the challenges we are all facing in regard to climate change, and our Government has 'political capital' in that regard.

Declaring an  emergency may be regded by some as a pointless exercise that entails no commitment, but such an interpretation is simply wrongheaded. Realistically, it has two effects:

a) with sufficient support, it reminds central government that there is patently a risk in continuing with a half-hearted response that entails no real pain. The political high-ground may cost initial electoral support,  but as the evidence piles up. and and costs of physical damage mount, generational support will be restored. It simply takes courage and resolve.


b) it does indicate a commitment that our Council would find extremely difficult to ignore in the future when major mitigation plans are presented. Further, and even more important, it commits existing councillors should they choose to stand in the upcoming election. Clearly five councillors and the Mayor have put a stake in the ground indicating that they wish to make no such commitment, meaning that they intend to continue the current completely inadequate policies into the future.

That is very bad news for all rate-payers, and is worthy of real consideration when deciding where to place your vote at the election. No-one has so far put their name forward to oppose/replace incumbents. this is a great shame, and indicates a desire to talk, rather than act.

And in case anyone accuses me of 'calling the kettle black,' I am 81, and probably, no longer 'the sharpest knife in the box.'   




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