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Man-Made - 'Balderdash!'

For those tempted to accept the Brickell/Goudie/Collins (and Trump!) hypothesis that climate change is simply the result of a natural cycle of events over which the human race has no control should read this article by Joel Rindelaub in today's Newsroom.

It expands on the danger of accepting the views of those who expound unscientific views totally lacking the basic requirement of peer review. The article arose from a recent outburst by Magic-talk  host Peter Williams who is rapidly slipping into 'shock-jock' status, extolling on this occasion the widely discredited views of one Dr Willie Soon.

The problem is that Soon fits the category of 'denier by any other name' that we have become so used to though they represent less that 5% of the scientific world. The 95% who hold the opposite view  are being proven correct by the day - particularly in the Northern Hemisphere with unseasonal storms, and the current unprecedented heat-wave building in the US.

How peole can continue to be bamboozled by this threadbare theory is almost beyond belief, but hold it they do - almost until  the 'last man standing' proves their undoing. The article is a crushing rejection of the hypothesis, and makes those on our Council, and in this District who support it look very foolish indeed - though they would be the last to recognise it.

Basic ignorance and greed is a massive hurdle to surmount, and although my friend Denis Tegg may not be everyone's 'cup of tea,' he does provide the antidote to this crass resistance to rationality - may the rumour of his possible candidature for the office of Mayor prove prescient.

I say this regardless of the likely futility of countering someone who is as popular as Sandra, and whose views on climate change apparently approximate those of the majority of the excessively complacent, and mostly elderly voters of this District.

A contest would certainly put this to the  test, and provide a platform for greater light to be thrown on the issue than would otherwise be the case. Dennis would markedly lift the voting percentage.




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