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Rod Oram Lets Fly at Fonterra!

Anyone in any doubt as to where Rod Oram  currently stands in regard to dairy and red meat industry leadership in this coiuntry, and Fonterra in particular, need only read his article in today's Newsroom. Rod is not a happy commentator, and will not let the current coterie of leaders 'off the hook'.

For example:

"Quite simply, they (DairyNZ - the farmer funded research oreganisation) are trying to grandfather their current volumes and practices by refusing to let true farming leaders lead. Instead, they are holding New Zealand’s economy, climate, natural environment and international reputation hostage to the political power of the lowest common denominator in their ranks.

As Fonterra said this week when it released its submission on the Zero Carbon Bill: “The Co-op is committed to doing its bit in New Zealand’s transition to a low carbon future.”

A bit? For God’s sake, Fonterra is not some two-bit bunch of cockies out in the backblocks. It, its farmers and their cows are by far the largest single source of emissions in our country. They generate a fifth of New Zealand’s entire climate crisis causing gases..

In effect, they want at least two generations to upskill their rank and file to to level required to meet our 2050 obligations. This is not a commitment  - it is an admission of total failure to understand the nature to the 'emergency' being faced by everyone on the planet, while they continue in their bucolic ways with  excuses and bumbling denials.

Claims that waterway plantings, and special pleadings from the Fonterra 'ivory tower,'  somehow meet their obligations to look more and more pathetic as each year passes.

Likewise, totally irrelevant claims of us having the most efficient primary industry in the World, and eschewing farmer emission payments in favour of awaiting miraculous technological advances  that National's Todd Muller seems wedded to.




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