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Boris Takes Levers Of Power - Should We Be Worried?

Say what you like about The Guardian - it does not mince words when it comes to Boris - - quoting his former editor at The Telegraph:

“There is room for debate about whether he is a scoundrel or mere rogue, but not so much about his moral bankruptcy, rooted in a contempt for truth”.

It goes on in its article to describe Johnson as:

"A man who refers to gay men as “bum boys”, black people as “pickaninnies”, Muslim women as looking like “bank robbers” and “letterboxes”; he has conspired to have a journalist beaten up; he was sacked from the shadow cabinet for lying about an affair; ran a Brexit campaign based on disinformation; was fired from his job at The Times for making up quotes; was deemed an embarrassment by civil servants during his brief stint as Foreign Secretary; and is widely regarded as having little grasp on any of the portfolios for which he has been responsible. It is no small surprise, then, that he is such an admirer of Trump."


 "We now need to say our final goodbyes to the deeply outmoded idea that we live in a meritocracy, unless of course merit is now understood solely in terms of a self-serving, conniving, dissembling thirst for power."

He does come across as a nincompoop, completely out of his depth, who no matter how well he does in his first 100 days, will he, like Trump, ever be able to be trusted by friend or foe - sad indeed, to quote one of the Donald's favourite expressions, but trust is hard-won, and so easily dissipated.

The Poms will live to regret this day - of that there appears no doubt. The first test will come when he attempts to take the country out of Europe without an agreement. It appears certain that sufficient Tories will desert him on a confidence motion to ensure a General Election; and that would be reckless to say the least. 

Related to the totally unexpected emergence of Boris is a TED talk given by Observer columnist Carole Cadwallader a month ago to a assemblage of techies  in Silicon Valley that lifts the lid on exactly what happened in regard to the Brexit vote, and the role of Facebbok in particular. She was attempting to touch on the inherant human instincts of this group - long inured to the base instincts of their bosses.

Carole paints a frightening picture in which it appears that we have literally lost control of democracy as we knew it. I won't say any more - simply tune in and listen to one of the best explanations that you are likely to hear around our current situatio as demonstrated by the rise of Trump, and his mate Boris. 

Zuckerberg and his henchmen are achieving what no other conqueror in history has ever managed, and beyond irony, they appear to be achieving it without the slightest self-awareness.



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