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Why Local News Is Critical!

One of my regulaar readers, on picking up the TED talk stoty in the previous post sent through the following link to another TED that took place in Denver related to the demise of the Denver Post - a sad reflection on the universal decline of critical journalism.

I, and other bloggers working in this area may not satisfy every need, and are often the subject of critical comment by regular journalists - I have often been obliged to describe the role of a commenter as opposed to that of a journalist, who is required to apply tenets of fact checking, and seeking response that are unnecessary (and impractical!) in commentary. 

Regardless, this Chuck Plunkett talk is a real eye-opener, and demonstration of the SOP endemic in the hedge-fund industry that has created so many billionaires.




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Reader Comments (1)

One only need look to the rise of right wing authoritarian leadership in several countries to recognise that the disappearance of investigative and unbiased journalism is the tip of the iceberg; the 'berg itself being the destruction [or deconstruction?] of democracy and democratic processes and institutions.
The recent protests in Hong Kong are a good example of the sort of threat that people perceive to exist.
Look also to the U.S.A. for the rise of something very troubling. BoJo's election to the office of Prime Minister in the U.K. may well be another good example of a troubling development - the so-called British Trump. Sigh.
Journalists, bloggers and commentators are an increasingly critical component of the fight against the erosion of democracy; as the TED talk that Bill points us to makes so clear.
It is, perhaps, for this reason that we need to be concerned about our elected representatives regular use of workshops - as this practise well illustrates the subversion of local democratic process.

July 24, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterRussell

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