Pre-Election Report - Coastal Management Strategy
Saturday, July 27, 2019 at 5:10PM
Bill Barclay

Following on the complete abrogation of  our Counci's responsibility in regard to climate change to date  other than out and out blarney by the Mayor relating to her Council hybrid car, and "the employment of the only Coastal Engineer by any Council,"

I looked for evidence of progress elsewhere in the Report. Here is what I found in the CEOs Section of the Report:

"By June 2018 we had adopted a Coastal Management Strategy that sets us on a journey of research and new discovery and understanding about our shoreline involving robust engagement with our communities to develop management plans for our whole coast. Further community awareness raising is scheduled for release in the coming months including engagement with specific communities scheduled for the next two years as we work our way around the Peninsula in developing the proposed shoreline management plans. These engagements will discuss various options available to communities for future management, protection or otherwise. The potential costs will be explored and funding solutions considered. Some urgent shoreline remediation works are also happening in the meantime."

Wow! -that sounds like progress. The only problem is that a search elsewhere in the Report revealed no sign whatsoever of any funding being set aside for this purpose. And what is more, the much vaunted employment of a 'top Coastal Engineer' -  Jan Van der Liet, has come to nothing - he has apparently already departed for the greener pastures of a Buddhist monastery somewhere up North.

Perhaps the "Journey of research and new discovery and understanding" will throw light on the subject - here is hoping.

The lack of any apparent funding provision is puzzling - just how do they plan to complete whatever defences are deemed to be required to meet rising sea levels, and increased storms over time. Perhaps they have been seduced by Mr Brickell's Power Points and have come to the conclusion that it is all a hoax.

Oh well, time will tell, but don't expect anything of great moment to happen in this direction in the near future, or the next Council - certainly not while Messrs Goudie and  Williams remain in control.



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