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Council Elections - Nominations Close 12 Noon Friday

It appears from the Council post today that there are sufficient candidates for each of the Council and Ward seats. There are only two for Thames Council at this stage, but Sally Christie was seen hurrying in to the Council Chambers prior to the list coming out, so that will bring the number up to the required three.

I am far more concerned at the apparent quality of the candidates to date., but others may appear before midday on Friday- others would be a blessing. I will therefore leave an analysis until that time, but apart from Gary Gotlieb at South Eastern Ward there does not appear to be any new talent to get excited about.

Some rather well worn old faces have appeared who seem likely to perpetuate the same old, same old policies that have put our Council in the position it is now in on really important issues, like climate change, and appear unlikely to challenge Mayor Sandra on her determined course. Innovation probably is a step too far to expect, but if only we could anticipate more attention to governance deficiencies, it would be a step-up.

I simply cannot see any sign of the required skills amongst the raft of candidates as it stands. Most appear to be simply standing for the now substantial emolument - now approaching $40k, with $8k for Board members, and $16k for Board chairs simply because thay are able to attend Council, with no voting rights - all sums approximate.

I implore anyone who has the required skills, and who is wavering to put their names in  the hat - download a form now, and fill it in - you will need to deliver it to your local office by 12 noon Friday, along with the $200 deposit - you get it back! There is literally 'nothing to lose.' and you may find it quite enjoyable, if boring at times.

All it requires is a few standard sized signs in strategic places , and if you feel inclined, spend a little money on More FM, and your local paper - forget the Hauraki Herrald - it is as useful as a 'two-bob watch,' and is renowned for getting copy cocked up.  

Go for it!




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