The Next Choice Of Government Is No Choice!
Thursday, August 29, 2019 at 11:19AM
Bill Barclay

Well we surely don't have much of a choice leading up to next year’s election. Labour’s total failure to achieve its pre-election goals – particularly in regard to Kiwibuild, and endlessly fluffing around, seemingly unable to make up its mind about anything of consequence while continuing to blame the previous administration at every stage is becoming a boring refrain.

On the other hand, the reversion of National’s back-benchers, and many of its leaders to NRA gun law tactics (“It's the person, not the gun,’ and “The perpetrators are mentally ill”), along with the increasing boldness being demonstrated by those, mainly from farming areas, claiming to be “climate inquirers, rather than climate deniers”) is indicative of just how reactionary this Party is likely to be if returned to Government.

Read Glenn McConnell’s excellent Stuff column published today on the subject to understand the increasing level of arm wrestling taking place, encouraged by apparent widespread depth of ignorance, And for those promoting Todd Muller as the future leader, take note of the directuion in which he appears willing to lead this Party on this seminal issue.

It is a depressing thought that this is exactly the line being promoted by our own Mayor whose hold on the handles of power for the next three years appears undimished, givern the quality of her challengers.

McConnell describes Northland MP Mike King's unsubstantiated views as:

“…not only damaging for farmers, whom he purports to represent, but the National Party as well. He and a few other roguish MPs make the party look clownish rather than like a strong Opposition.

King is the worst of a number of MPs who have shown a flippancy with facts. Spin is fine in politics, but facts are facts. Facts are important. You can't campaign in a different reality.

We trust our politicians to make big decisions. Most of the decisions they make will not be campaigned on, will arise through their terms in power, or will go unreported..

The ability, then, to know fact from fiction and to be able to understand science and reasoning is the most basic skill a politician must have. By sharing disinformation, King has exposed that he lacks this basic requirement. He must go”

He goes on to link King’s views to those of:

“...a gaggle of "climate inquiring" National Party MPs are undermining their Opposition colleagues. Senior MP Judith Collins, agriculture spokesman Todd Muller and other junior MPs have adopted unscientific views, which border on conspiracy about climate change.                                                     

Their move to stall action on climate change, question its importance and in some cases deny humans have caused climate change is a concerted one within National, and an irresponsible one. Misplaced opinions cannot prevent a climate catastrophe. The overwhelming scientific consensus is it will happen anyway.

Some MPs, such as Muller, have taken an overtly anti-science stance in their comments. In July, after Te Papa opened a new environment and science exhibition, Muller hit out against the national museum. He was angry that an interactive display about how to reduce emissions allowed people to select "less dairy" as one of many options.

He went so far as to say it was "anti-science" to acknowledge the very real fact that dairying emits greenhouse gasses.

Collins, who Politik reports has pre-empted her party by saying she won't vote for the Zero Carbon Bill, supported Muller's comments. She went a step further, saying the museum was "indoctrinating our children".

Collin's announcements places Simon Bridges in a very awkward position in endeavouring to achieve caucus unity on the Party's reaction to the Zero Carbon Bill before it has even achieved its final draft in the Select Committee.  It is no more than a preemptory strike by Collins on his leadership, and will I suspect damage National at the polls, particularly in as yet uncommitted urban margins.



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