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Thames School 'Strike For Climate-Change' Initiative

In a commendable show of initiative, the Thames School Strike for Climate Group set out to obtain a written response on the vexed question of candidate intentions in regard to climate -change, as part of the World-wide Strike on 27 September to Demand Climate Action. 

As the result of this survey, I have chosen to withdraw my support for Murraty Wakelin and Cherie Staples, with a question mark against Rex Simpson.  As far as I can tell, evryone else for whom I have indicated support has accepted the pledge in full, excepting two Thames CB candidates whose names are hidden on the schedule I was sent. I had in any case refrained from indicating any choice for this Board.  All 'the usual suspects' are amongst those who refused, failed to reply, or were uncontactable. 

Each was sublitted the following questions:

#1  I pledge to implement an ambitious Climate Action Plan that aims to make our district zero carbon as soon as possible (candidates were also asked to indicate a date eg 2035, 2040, 2045, 2050).



#2  I pledge to begin building community and ecosystem resilience now, through regenerating the natural environment in our region, creating local climate change education projects, and developing more connected, smart and sustainable towns and cities. 

#3  I pledge to meaningfully incorporate the views of youth, Tangata Whenua, Pasifika, structurally oppressed communities in Council decision making on climate change to ensure that no one is left behind in the transition to a regenerative and renewable local economy. 

#4  I pledge to support signing the Local Government Leaders Climate Change Declaration.

The following candidates did not respond:

Sandra Goudie, John Morrisey, Debbie Farrell, Tony Fox, Murray McLean, Kim Brett, David Foreman, Peter Lawrence Pritchard, Graeme Matthews, Bill McLean, Barry Swindles,Cherie Staples, Graeme Smith. 

The following could not be contacted by email (which in itself says a great deal about their suitability as candidates:

Tony Brljevich, Jan Bartley, Terry Walker, Rex Simpson*, Jean Ashby, Jan Autumn, Pamela Grealey, Jeremy Lomas, Leanne Quest, Warwick Brooks, Chris New, Evelyn Adams, Kay Baker, Gaye Barton.                                      

The following candidates who responded refused to sign:

Neville Cameron, Murray Wakelin. and 3 other Mercury Bat Community Board candidates.

The following signed in part only::

Ken Coulan,(1,2, & 3)m, David Ryan (1,2 & 4), Alison Chappin (3 & 4 only),  

All the others signed as accepting the pledge. 



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