Time Magazine Devotes Entire Issue To Climate-Change
Thursday, September 12, 2019 at 7:49PM
Bill Barclay

Here is a story today from Brian Skelter's highly regarded Washington DC media blog :

"Human nature, like journalism, is deadline-­oriented," TIME EIC Edward Felsenthal writes in this week's letter to readers. "Our intent with this issue—only the fifth time in our history that we have turned over every page of a regular issue, front to back, to a single topic—is to send a clear message: we need to act fast, and we can." The full issue dedicated to climate will come out Thursday morning... After 7am ET, it'll be live at this link...

Of note: Felsenthal says in his editors' letter, "what you will not find in this issue are climate-change skeptics. Core to our mission is bringing together diverse perspectives. Experts can and should debate the best route to mitigating the effects of climate change, but there is no serious doubt that those effects are real. We are witnessing them right in front of us. The science on global warming is settled. There isn't another side, and there isn’t another moment." 

The time has arrived to really put this entire issue at the top of the agenda. We ignore the warnings at our peril.



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