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No Sign Of Change On The Way!

Our Jacinda's dopey respones to Labour's dilemma this week finally exposes her shortcomings that should have been perfectly obvious at the outset of her administration, Unfortunately, the majority of us were simply blinded  by the charm and novelty of having a 37 year-old in the chair. Closer examinationb would have revealed nothing that could have cautioned us as to the limits of her abilities beyond emotion, and 'stone-walling.'

Today's Mathew Hooten article in the Herald really says it all, and should shake the confidence of those who are still holding out hope for eventual substance. Here is an extract:

"Ardern's line is that she knew nothing of the full nature of the allegations until she read them on woke website The Spinoff on Monday morning.

This is extremely difficult to believe. Every political tragic has been talking about little else for weeks, including the name, place of work, job description and personal and professional connections of the alleged offender.

Even more improbable, Ardern's story requires us to believe that a Prime Minister with a Bachelor of Communication Studies from Waikato University pays no attention to the mainstream media.

Moreover, her line overlooks that she was personally asked about the allegations more than a month ago live on NewstalkZB by Mike Hosking and by press gallery doyen Barry Soper at Beehive press conferences.

Ardern's story requires her to have been insufficiently mentally engaged in those interviews to understand what was being talked about or for her to have forgotten about being asked on live radio and in Beehive press conferences about allegations of violent crimes by her own staff.

Maybe this is possible. Her answers involved nothing more than her usual platitudes.

Moreover, she is a Prime Minister who confuses GDP and the Crown operating balance and was unable to even precis the three articles of the Treaty of Waitangi when asked at Waitangi on Waitangi Day.

However, if Ardern really were ignorant of the nature of the allegations, the most likely alternative is that she lives in such a smug, sanctimonious bubble of Pt Chev and Cuba St Mall hipsters that she believes long-standing broadcasters like Hosking or Soper would simply make up allegations of violent offences by her own staff as some sort of right-wing smear against her.

That is, it seems Ardern may take nothing seriously until she sees it on The Spinoff. This would explain other aspects of her failure as Prime Minister, including why she apparently heard none of the construction industry's warnings about the KiwiBuild trainwreck.

Ardern's two years of failure mean her hopey-changey "Let's Do This" theme of 2017 is inoperative. Her supporters' hopes have been dashed and she has proven incompetent at change or doing much at all.

But all is far from lost for Labour. Fear is at least as strong an emotion as hope. Given Simon Bridges' conservative social views, Paula Bennett's history in welfare, Paul Goldsmith's aversion to public debt and the likelihood of a major economic downturn, expect to see Ardern 2.0 on the campaign trail next year."

Like most I wish it were not so, but to date, we hve been given no reason to hope that change is on the way.




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